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 Acceptable Artwork Rules

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Acceptable Artwork Rules Empty
PostSubject: Acceptable Artwork Rules   Acceptable Artwork Rules EmptySat Oct 01, 2011 11:43 am


-"By You" refers to original content created by the poster. If you created it, you may post it, so long as it adheres to all other requirements of the AAR. Joint works or collaborative efforts must cite all contributing artists. Derivative work must cite the original source and provide due credit, and may be posted provided it is not traced.

Tracing and Plagiarism

-Tracing and plagiarism are not permitted on this site, and images confirmed to be traced or plagiarized will be removed from the site. In addition, the uploader may receive a warning, or an Expulsion .

Image Rating

-All images must be acceptable for all ages, no sexual themes of any kind. Submissions intended to harass, slander, or otherwise disrupt other users' usage of the site will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, content which is racist, bigoted, or otherwise offensive towards any particular sexuality, philosophy, or religion. Submissions in which a user's character(s) are used without their permission may be viewed as harassment, and will be handled on an individual basi

Standards of Quality

-This Site does not judge submissions based on artistic merit. We do, however, have baseline quality guidelines to help improve the overall acceptability of images on the site. We do not permit images or photographs which are out of focus, grainy, blurry, skewed (e.g. rotated 90 degrees), washed-out, poorly lit, or otherwise hard to see. Quality exceptions are made on case-by-case basis wherein certain effects and techniques are deemed to be used with artistic merit (e.g. simulating aged photo)


-This Site does not permit flooding (spamming) of submissions to the site. Unless otherwise stated elsewhere in the AUP, a user is considered to be flooding when:
Three (3) or more variations of the same image or subject (object) are uploaded. We encourage users to compile multiple images/photos into a collage when possible.
Twelve (12) or more submissions are uploaded by a user within a six (6) hour period.


--Photography: This site is not Fotolog, or anything like that, only Artistic photos will be accepted.
Photographs may not be blurry, of excessively low resolution, or of generally poor quality. Photographs must show a basic level of competence and artistic merit (e.g. in focus, properly exposed, and features a subject of interest)Photographic work must be suitable for all ages. Photos involving mature or adult situations, gore, or illicit activity are not allowed. This includes images containing nudity, sexually suggestive situations, sex toys, explicit fetish gear/clothing (items used solely for sexual purposes, or in an explicitly adult context), sexually modified fursuits or plushies (where modifications are visible or obvious), gore, wounds, death, and illegal activity (e.g. vandalism, drugs). Uploading adult or pornographic photography may result in an automatic Expulsion.
-Animal/pet photographs may not contain sexually graphic or suggestive content.
-Photo Dump/Similar Content: The uploading of multiple photographs (more than a total of 3 in your gallery) of similar content (similar angle/composition of the same subject in the same location from the same photo session) is not allowed. Users are encouraged to create a collage for these whenever possible. Photo dumps or "junk" photography are not allowed. Select only the best photo(s) from each session/event.
-Photos of Manufactured/Collected Items ("things I own...") which you have not personally developed and created are not permitted. This includes items such as DVDs, games, toys, guns/weapons, cars, computers, plush/inflatable animals or objects, posters, etc.
-Photos of Sculpture (papier-mâché, clay, sculpey, etc.) and other 3D physical media are permitted provided they meet the general criteria allowed for drawn images.
-Self portraits are allowed provided they meet quality, photo dump/similar content, and artistic merit standards.
-Conventions & Fursuits - Images of conventions and/or fursuits are allowed provided they meet quality, photo dump/similar content, and artistic merit standards.
-Taxidermy is permitted as long as respect is shown to the creatures involved. Images may not contain blood, gore, or signs of pain and/or trauma.
Reported images will be reviewed by the administration, and rulings and actions will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

--Adoptables are allowed but not in the Gallery, you can upload them in the Adoptables forum.

--Screenshots - Screenshots are not permitted in the Gallery. This includes screenshots of websites, desktops, applications, games (console, PC) or film.

--Image & Character Generators - Submissions created via design generators are not permitted. This includes "create a character" designers, template/interface generators or any system that creates an object based on pre-defined content within the program.

--Fractals & Terrain Generators are permitted provided they comply with the Flooding policy. Terrains created using in-game level editors are prohibited.

--Sprites ripped from games are prohibited. This includes modified/edited sprites or palette swapped images.

--3D Modelling & Texturing - User-created original 3D models are permitted with no limitations.

--Memes and photo edits are permitted only when the meme contain original user created content (a drawing, photograph, etc.). Minor edits of pre-existing images, cut-and-pastes, (de)motivational posters, re-colorizations or "add your own caption" are not permitted. Stick figures are not considered "original content".

--Comics : submissions may contain generated art (screenshots, sprites) provided they contain story-driven elements and are presented in a comic-strip- or comic-book-like multi-panel format (otherwise distinguishing them apart from regular screenshots).

--Videos: Due to the size, space and bandwidth requirements, This site does not permit live-action video. We encourage users to seek alternative sites (such as YouTube) to fulfill those needs.
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Acceptable Artwork Rules
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