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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules EmptySat Oct 02, 2010 1:39 am


Please use the "Report to Moderator" button to report any user that's breaking the rules.

RULE 1.1 You are responsible for your own account. Do NOT share your login password with anyone else. Excuses of your account being used / abused by someone else will not be taken into consideration, unless your account was genuinely hacked from another computer. If your computer is shared, log out when you're done using the forums.

RULE 1.2 Users found having two accounts on the forum will be severly punished. Both users (or more) with the same IP will either get a PM/email from the admin/mod and/or will get banned.
If you get banned for the above reason, you're free to contact Tatii on tatii.carinienaa@gmail.com and the issue can be solved.

Exception: family members on the same computer

RULE 1.3 To protect our members, anyone found trying to obtain another user's password for what ever reason will recieve a permanent ban.

Every time you login an error message will appear with the reason why you got banned.
If you got banned and you think you haven't done anything wrong, then the following things could have happened. Family members, users who play at their friends house, possibly university network users, library, public computer users, another example is the aol network sometimes causing IP conflicts with users who are far away; all of these MIGHT get multiple people the same (or similar) IP. And if one gets a ban on that IP, all the rest with the same IP also get banned from Dragonadopters for a certain amount of time. This is unavoidable as the ban works with the IP. BE CAREFUL!

Messages posted publicly on the forum by banned members through someone else will be DELETED and the user will get a warning or ban. Please DO NOT relay publicly any messages from another banned user, you will get in trouble for doing so. If the user has a problem with the ban, he/she can privately contact the administration about the banned status.

You're free to contact Tatii on tatii.carinienaa@gmail.com if you have problems on this issue.


RULE 2.1 Respect others. There will be no abuse of a personal nature against another member. That includes disrespecting, flaming, bashing, group insulting, religious or political disagreements, sexism, racism or violence of any kind.

If you're offended or insulted by another user's post, contact that user via PM and resolve the issue peacefully. Do not try to be a 'drama queen' and continue the argument publicly on the forum.

RULE 2.2 We will not tolerate any kind of trolling (pointless arguments), rudeness, swearing or bad language, no matter who started it.

RULE 2.3 Be mature. Do not try to be annoying, disruptive, intrusive, invading, troublesome, childish, showoff, wiseass, attention seeker, drama queen, act stupid or post random and nonrelevant messages in the forum.


RULE 3.1 SPAMMING is not allowed. Don't post random things that don't contribute to the discussion.

RULE 3.2 ADVERTISING for your own personal benefit (or other reasons) in the wrong area will not be tolerated.

Some forms of advertising are allowed, but ONLY in topics which subject allows it. Example: Artwork Board and Adoptables Lair.

RULE 3.3 Also posting pictures of questionable content or linking to other such sites is not allowed. That includes sexually explicit, racist or in any other way offensive or gross violent content.
Also, make sure that you do not display or link to any images that flash or rapidly change color, as this can cause seizures and other issues. If you see someone using images like this, contact an Administrator or Global Moderator.


RULE 4.1 Do not make the signature too big. The max total height for sigs is 150px, adoptables + text. Anything with height more than that will be cropped off the sig automatically.

RULE 4.2 You're free to advertise ANY kind of adoptable in your signature as long as their picture size isn't above 150px height.

RULE 4.3 DO NOT advertise your adoptables outside your signature or the Adoptables Lair. They will be deleted immediately and you will get a warning. This includes PMs.

RULE 4.4 Posting level up requests is not allowed. For example, a post on the forum saying "please click on my dragon!". Begging for views and clicks is not permitted. All such posts and similar will be deleted. Asking other members to check for and/or play their dragon lottery or asking for friend requests is also considered click spam. Asking for views or clicks via PMs is not allowed either! Breaking this rule will result in your PM privilages being revoked, meaning you will not be able to send PMs anymore.

Please report any user that sends you dragon spam or click spam via PMs, by clicking the "Report to Moderator" button.


RULE 5.1 Every single post, topic, subject or thread has to be in English language. Posts that are in a different language will be removed without notification.

RULE 5.2 Please don't use too much chatspeak and textspeak on the forum.

RULE 5.3 One word posts will be deleted. Please write something more meaningful than that.

RULE 5.4 Do not put double posts. This means putting two posts in a row, with no one else's post in between. There is a 'Modify' button which enables you to change your own post at any time. If the rules of a forum board specifically state that you may double post, then you can, but ONLY there.

RULE 5.5 Do not use more than 5 emotes in a row. There's no point in putting too many of them in a post.

RULE 5.6 Don't post duplicate topics. When posting a new topic/question, first check if a similar topic/question already exists on the forum. Duplicate topics will be removed without notification.

RULE 5.7 Topics that are in the wrong place will be moved to a correct board without notification.

RULE 5.8 Please ensure that the topic has a proper subject, NOT something like "HEEELP!!!!" or "OMG!!".

RULE 5.9 Bumping threads is not allowed. Bumping means doing anything to keep the thread going even if it's old or to get the topic on top of the forum board. This also includes going off-topic.


RULE 6 Don't mini-mod. If you see someone breaking a rule, use the Report button. DO NOT reply.

RULE 7 Role Playing is only allowed in the designated RP Board. Such behaviour outside the RP Board may result in a deletion of your post, depending on the content.


RULE 8 ART THEFT will be dealt very harshly. If proven guilty by another party, the user will be banned from Dragonadopters forever. Art theft is considered taking art from another artist and claiming it as your own.

RULE 9 Posts debating about the Forum Rules, Moderator / Administrator behaviour, banned users or enforcement methods publicly on the forum will be deleted without warning. If you have a problem or you want to report a mod / admin for misbehaving, then PM another admin.

RULE 10 Manipulating the game code in any way, with special scripts that affect the gameplay and change original game parameters IS NOT ALLOWED. If you want to make your own custom script, then get in touch with Thaz and work out some deal.

Rules are subject to change at any time without prior notification.

You agree to follow all these rules in the Registration Agreement the moment you register on the forum.

Users who do not activate their account for a long period of time will get their 'awaiting activation' account deleted.


A warning status on the users profile, stating a percentage % which represents warning points.

The forum automatically removes 2 warning points per day. Some rule violations will get you a warning from the admin/mod via PM.

After multiple warnings (or just one severe rule violation), the user will be banned. How long the ban lasts depends on the severity of the violation and how often that user has been warned.
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Forum Rules
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