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 How do i start RP ?

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¨ How do i start RP ? Nayeli_pixel_by_tatiilange-d578tct
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How do i start RP ? Empty
PostSubject: How do i start RP ?   How do i start RP ? EmptySat Dec 04, 2010 9:45 am


1. Create a character in the "Character Bank" > "For Aproval" , and fill this form:

2. Wait until your Character is Accepted. Usualy the Admin will send you a MP to advice you, but if this doesnt happens go to the "accepted" folder and look if your Character is there.

3. Join a Pack. Watch for the 3 Packs carefuly, once joined a Pack you might not be out of it without the Alphar aproval, and then the other Packs might not accept you.

4. Wait for the Alphas aproval.

5. Look at your Character sheet in "Profile" > "Character". There you can see your Rank lvl, your rights inside your Pack.

6. Start RP!!

How do i start RP ? Tatiis10
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How do i start RP ?
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