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Mon Jul 16, 2012 7:12 pm by tatiilange

Yeah, eliminated the terrible "activoforo" XD now its just TatiiArt.com ;D

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TatiiArt Reborn
Sat Jul 14, 2012 7:17 pm by tatiilange
TatiiArt Reborn

Sooo, after a looong inactivity i hope we are back.
We´ve made some small changes.
-- Instead of the RP character Sheet, there is now a "Profile ID" that will contain information about the User´s Art and can be edited by the member itself.
-- Only complete pictures (colored + shading + background) can go into the Gallery and only 2 submissions are avaible per member each month. (( To get more Gallery submissions click *here* ))
-- Changed the Pets to Pixel Fursonas, see *here*
-- Ex Points changed to XPoints
-- For 0.50 dollars or 80 you can have your Add advertised in the Portal. See *here*

And TatiiArt.activoforo.com will soon become just TatiiArt.com Very Happy

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Warning: Future Changes
Sun Sep 25, 2011 1:08 pm by tatiilange
Warning: Future Changes

First of all, the RPG Category has been removed. We think TatiiArt focuses more on Art and Comunity than in the role playing games.

And We would like to warn you that now ARTWORK has to be submited to the GALLERY. Forum Artwork folders will be deleted in about a week or less, so now on youll have to upload all in the Gallery. This is much faster and easyer, BUT i need money to pay for the Gallery space. To get that money we will sell VIP Memberships, we dont have the more details about that yet.

And at last, but not less important, TatiiArt is going to change name. We dont know exactly what will be, so anny suggestion is perfectly accepted.

Thank you all, Tatii Admin

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