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 Dressage Second Beguinners Show

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¨ Dressage Second Beguinners Show Nayeli_pixel_by_tatiilange-d578tct
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PostSubject: Dressage Second Beguinners Show   Dressage Second Beguinners Show EmptyThu Jun 23, 2011 12:05 pm

Dressage Beguinners Show
Dressage Second Beguinners Show Broken_souls_dressage_logo_by_tatiilange-d3hpfjl

Type of Show*: Dressage
Fee: 0 Ex Points
Judges*: Tatii Admin
Dead Line*: 5/7/11
Horse Specification: None
-Entries after the Deadline wont be accepted.
-In your Entry Drawing please make sure the horse is in Dressage and not just standing.
-In the Entry Drawing, there must be someone ridding the horse.
-In the Entry Drawing there must be at least a simple Dressage background.
-Entry Drawing that dont follow the rules must not be accepted.
Red Dot 3rd Place:
-100 ExPoints
-3rd Place Ribbon

Yellow Dot 2nd Place:
-100 ExPoints
-2 Boxes.
-2nd Place Ribbon

Green Dot 1st Place:
-100 ExPoints
-1 Show Jumping Field
Horses in*:
Stable Organicer*: Broken Souls Stable

Dressage Second Beguinners Show Tatiis10
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Dressage Second Beguinners Show
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