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PostSubject: Introduction   Introduction EmptySat Sep 25, 2010 3:00 pm

Now you can have pets in TatiiArt !!

(This system is just starting so be patient.)

How do i get a pet in TatiiArt?

Pets are bought with Experience Points, which are obtained by replicating and posting

First wait for a litter. Then:
One chooses the two parents (which must first have a litter, for this the owners of each parent must agree and make public its decision on the forum). Depending on the parents is how will be the sons. Example: The mother is brown and the father is gray. the child could be gray or brown (no spots). This, along with gender, is random.

How to buy?
To purchase, leave a comment on where the litter was published. A moderator will hand over the puppy and will deduct the points it cost.

To put a name to your new pet ( This is free ) go here: HERE

Will my Pet Runnaway?
Pets CAN ESCAPE if you dont give them enough attention.

Within 1 month If you do not log your pet could escape.

Pets have 3 stages: Egg/Baby, Young & Adult

Egg/Baby: The Pet will become Young in 30 days
Young: Cant have puppies, can train but not race yet, it will become an Adult in 30 days
Adult: It is the final stage, can race and train, they can reproduce and have litters. They will die in 360 days after becoming an adult.

In total Pets live 420 days approximately if they dont die because of bad care.

Race? Train?
To Train Stamina , Speed or Race

The more Stamina level your Pet has, there are more provabilities to win a Long Track Race. And, the more Speed Level your Pet has, there are more provabilities to win a Short Track Race.
The sistem is like this:

A Pet.
2 stamina.
3 speeed.

Then in a long track race it would be:
4 stamina
3 speed

That means that the Pet has 7 lvl points for a Long Track.

In a Short Track Race, it would be:
2 stamina
6 speed

That meand tha the Pet has 8 lvl points for a Short Track.

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