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PostSubject: Curse's   Curse's EmptyFri Feb 18, 2011 4:25 pm

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You are about to read Curse's bio, or see how much typing there is and cant be bothered to read it and leave xD

Name: Curse
Age: 3
Mate: Song <3
Birthday: 8/11/1995
Nickname: Cursey, Poofy


My life: I was born into a litter of two me and my brother, we both unussual markings as we aren't normal wolves. We were born into the alpha blood line. I was next in line to be the Alpha, and lead our pack to victory.

I was born into the black blood pack when my father was alpha, i grew up strong and healthy along side my good friend Steel. As the months went on and we both grew into finer wolves, i noticed a darkness that had layed dormant in him.. When he became fully grown he challenged my father for his place, but my father was old and could no longer cater for the packs needs. I stood in his place prepared for battle but..
He took my younger brother Tide and pushed him beneath the waters surface. Tide faught and squirmed trying to free himself but it wasn't enough drowned beneath his body i was furious and gripped his neck beneath my jaws i bit hard but couldn't kill my childhood friend i released him and he exsiled me.

I was a loner for a few months but then came across a small pack i wanted to change into a new wolf and become like Tide, i was accepted and soon enough one day when i was hunting i came across a female she was shy but outgoing around me we soon became great friends! until i had the courage to ask her to be my mate. And now we live both happily with 3 pups; Indigo, Carnage and Tati

Mate: SONG!!! Wolf in love <-- lol
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Thnx for reading!! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Curse's   Curse's EmptyWed Feb 23, 2011 9:52 am

ACCEPTED! Now, you just have to join one of the Packs C:
PS: On his History, can you specify which Pack came him from and in which one is him now? Packs ( ? )

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^ thx Flatline so much for the awesome sig ^^

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