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 RP level or Ranks inside the Pack

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RP level or Ranks inside the Pack Empty
PostSubject: RP level or Ranks inside the Pack   RP level or Ranks inside the Pack EmptySat Dec 04, 2010 9:15 am

Official Ranks ( Some Packs might not have all this Ranks, it depends on the Alphas desicion )

Alfa: There are at least one alpha per Pack. You cant achive this level without being the son of an alpha, or by killing him and asuming the throne like an dictator.

Beta: The Counsilor of the Alphas. The most wise of the Pack. You can only achive this rank by being chosen by the Alpha.

Gamma: Mostly Warriors.

Delta: Normal Pack members.

Omega: When youre new in a Pack you will start in this Rank or is conditional, any bad thing that you make youre out of the pack
. To achive better ranks show your best abilities and the Alpha will chose you.


You may add somewhere a lookout, Police, Professor, Nuny, hunter ...

RP level or Ranks inside the Pack Tatiis10
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RP level or Ranks inside the Pack
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