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PostSubject: Story   Story EmptyFri Nov 26, 2010 10:51 am

Everything are going okay, but, in that moment the telephone started to ring, Jim went to saw who is..
-Are you?-
-I am sorry..Who is?-
-Keep your eyes open..-
Mom start to shout..-Who is?!!!-
-I don’t know..-
-What he said?!!-
-Keep your eyes open..something like that-
-That are jokes, son-
-Okay. mm…I will go to Msn-
Jim opened Msn and I read..Johann Offeld…
-Hi- Jim wrote-I meet you?-
-Yes, you meet me you talk with me in the telephone..-
Jim closed the Msn and the telephone started to ring again..
I am talking..go you..-
But Mom…-
Go now!!!!!-
He keep up the telephone and a very high shout become of the other side of the telephone
Jim start to talk with himself- This is only a joke..relax only turn off the telephone.
When I am in a second to turn off the telephone the man said- Don’t do it!!! Or…-
And he turn off the telephone.

In the night Jim are dress up his pajama to sleep, everyone are sleeping except he. In that moment he listen a voice, he crawled under the bed and a face appear behind him..
He die….

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Story Empty
PostSubject: Re: Story   Story EmptyFri Nov 26, 2010 3:19 pm

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