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 I'll never let you go

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PostSubject: I'll never let you go   I'll never let you go EmptyThu Nov 18, 2010 6:30 pm

[This is a story that i had to make for the english class (: ]

I was in the beach with my friend Isabella, she is shorter than me with brown hair and dark eyes were I can see all what she think like a book that you can easily read, she is really intuitive and funny, as always she was eating a lollypop, I think I’ve never see her without one, the day that I can finally see she without one I'll freak out. While she was eating her lollypop I was looking at the sea, well more than the sea I was looking at the guy that was in the sea, the magnificent guy that was in the sea, he was tall with brown hair, he was extremely pale, but what really caught my attention were his eyes, they were green but they have something strange that make me think he was using contacts, he turn around and look at me, I couldn’t stop looking at him and he didn’t stop looking at me either, again his eyes caught my attention, something in them looks really familiar I was sure I’ve seen those eyes before, but I couldn’t remember were or when, I wanted to stop looking at him but something didn’t let me it was like if a voice in my head says ”Remember you know him, remember that you have seen those eyes somewhere!” I was trying so hard to remember when and where I’ve seen those eyes that when Isa speak I realise that I wasn’t breathing
“Beth, it’s my idea or the guy that’s coming is looking at you?! Do you know him?” Said Isabel with a note of encouragement in her voice, I looked at she and it was the first time since we were in the beach that she put her lolly away, she was looking at me and in her eyes I could see how she was thinking “What a good friend I have, she never tell me anything!”
“No, I have never seen him in my life “I think so… I finish the sentence in my head, I didn’t want to tell her about his eyes because 1. It was really weird and 2. Because I wasn’t sure if the thing about his eyes was real or just my imagination and I was crazy.
“Hello girls” I was surprised to hear that voice so close, I haven’t realize that he was next to us. “My name is Jackson and yours?” His voice was like music in my ears but again his eyes caught my attention and now that I could see them right next to me as I was pretty sure that I’ve seen them before, but… it was like if something didn’t let me remember.
“My name is Isabella but you can call me Isa “Her voice was really normal but her eyes weren’t, she was really intuitive and she knew that he wasn’t interested on she, in part she was disappointed but in the other hand she was happy to know that finally I was going to have something like a “summer love” and since I know her she have never seen me with a boyfriend or something like that.
“And … mine is…Beth….” I was really nervous and words didn’t want to come out it was Isa’s fault her thoughts distracted me, well it wasn’t just her thoughts what was distracting me, it was his eyes, Jackson’s eyes, that something on them was making me go crazy! Isa hit me with her arm and tall me really quietly.
“Talk to him said something, anything, I’m pretty sure that you like him and he likes you! “ Ok she was more exited that me, just like always when a guy was interest on me, I wasn’t really normal if we are talking about guys. And this one it wasn’t a really normal guy, Jackson was different or at least his eyes make me think he was different
“Ok...” What’s someone supposed to say when you meet an extraordinary beautiful guy, with eyes that makes you thinks he is TOTALLY different of the rest of the guys that you know? Luckily he start the conversation and we started to talk and talk and talk, we talk a lot, and we had a lot of things in common, I don’t know when we started talking about where we will spend Halloween (that it was tonight)
“We will go to a party on a friend’s house, her name is Francisca, it’s a costume party, I will go dress like a Vampire, because I love the Twilight Saga and Isa will go as a gigantic assassin lolly because she loves them” I said, I didn’t knew if saying all this things to someone he have just meet is a good idea but it feels like I’ve known him from my entire life.
“Awesome, can I go?” He looked really exited about the idea, “well one more person won’t hurt anyone” I thought.
“Of course... But do you have a costume?” I really want him come to the party it will be better if he goes and I didn’t want to leave him, it was a strange felling and I wasn’t used to it.
“Oh yes I have the perfect one” Something in his voice scare me, I have just met him but it was like I known him my entire life, as I already said it, it was weird but his voice make me think that he had a horrible secret.
We leave the beach because it was getting late, Jackson went to his house to get dressed and then he would go and pick us in my house. A big yellow elevate house, my house is placed on a kind of pillars and under the house there is a room, were Isa and I were using so as to don’t bother my parents, that room was big with a bathroom and a refrigerator also a kind of mini-kitchen, three beds and two bathrooms the two of them really big.

It was really late and Isa and I had to go and prepare our costumes, we wanted to be perfect for tonight. When we went home I call Francisca to ask her if Jackson could go to the party, luckily she said that I can invite all the people that I want to.
When I was going to my bedroom and get dressed for the party Jackson call me to ask if he could invite his cousins to the party and I told him what Fran just told me.
“Are you serious? Awesome I will tell them they want to meet you… and your friend, Isa, also.”
When I finished talking to Jackson I went to my bedroom to prepare my self for the party, my costume was inspired by Kristen Stewart dress in the Mtv movie awards 2009 and Bella’s birthday dress in New Moon. It was awesome and my make-up, well I’m really pale so I didn’t use to much make-up, but I had to put on some purple shadow on my eyes so as to look like If I haven’t sleep in lots of nights also I put on mi vampire teeth. I could pass as a Twilight vampire if you saw me
“Beth are you ready? Jackson has already arrived!!” It was Isa, she wasn’t patience at all. It looks like she wanted to see my dress or something like that.
“Yes I’m ready” I said as I walked out of my room, she and Jackson looked at me and they were in a kind of shock
“You look awesome “Said Jackson, I was glad it was the first time that a guy said that to me, for my surprised he was dressed as a vampire too but his costume make mine look like a cheap copy of a vampire! and to be honest I didn’t know how I was supposed to feel because he knew that I was going to dress as a vampire, I told him in the beach, but on the other hand I was happy because we made the perfect couple, I mean we where both vampires.
“Wow you’re costume is awesome were did you bought those teeth?”
“Eeem…Can I talk to you in private?” Jackson looked really nervous and worry but why, I mean it was a simple question, I just wanted to know where did he bought those amazing teeth that look so real, Isa on the other hand looks really happy, she looked at me and put her thumbs up and wink.
“I’ll wait in the car” she didn’t even finish the sentence and she was already running to the car, she will paid for that.
“What’s wrong Jackson?” I was really worried about him; he looked sad, nervous and worry.
“I have something to tell you, I know that we have just met today but… the truth is that I’m a vampire, and we have already meet each other from some of your past lives, as a Vampire I’m immortal, but you are mortal, that means you can die and been killed and always when we meet we fall in love with each other but you always die and I never get in time to rescue you…” he stop talking it looks like he was remembering something. “I promised that it won’t happen again, because I’m tired of loosing you! I won’t loose you again, but if you don’t want me here I will understand it and I will leave you and never bother you again…” I know that a normal reaction to this statement would be not to believe it, run and never talk to him again, but I wasn’t a normal person and I thought that what he was saying was the truth and it explain all that thing about his eyes, that tonight were red and he didn’t have that look of having contacts, what it means that his real colour of eyes was red and he doesn’t look bad at all (ok I was really weird a normal person will freak out) and then I hug him.
“I will never let you go! I love you so much and I can’t live without you! Now Mr. Vampire lets go to the car or Isa will come and look for us and we will never arrive to the party.” When I finish talking, I kiss him and I took his arm and walk to the car, he couldn’t be happier and he has a huge smile in his face.
In the party we were the whole time together, I think he was worry because of something that I didn’t want to know because I was really happy, and I didn’t want anything to ruin perfect night. He introduced me to his cousin, the first was Alice she was as tall as Isa her hair was light brown and she was using brown contacts, but I knew that her real eyes were red, she was dressed like Tinkerbelle, other one was Rosalie she was tall and with blond hair, well gold is more like her really colour hair, she was the type of girl that breaks you self-esteem in 8000 parts, she was dressed like a princess, but I think she was one, and the last one was Ever she was a little sorter than Rosalie, she was blond too but not as much as Rosalie, she was dressed like Marie Antoinette, they were all extremely pale like Jackson, so they were vampires too, they didn’t look really happy to see me as Jackson said, and they scare a little I think Jackson realized about this(mostly because I was starting to tremble) and he hug me with a strong arm and said me in the ear.
“Don’t be afraid of them, they aren’t really comfortable since they discover that this is a relationship, because is a relationship doesn’t it?” He told me this when his cousins went to dance, he was trying to calm me but he just make things worst now I was really scare of them, but his question caught my attention, how could he ask such a stupid thing?

“Of course it is! I don’t kiss any guy because I want to; I just kiss my boyfriend’s!” He put a huge smile on his face and he kisses me. We went to dance, but at one moment in the night Rosalie called us and we went meet her. She sent Jackson to look for something on her car (an awesome yellow porche) when Jackson leaves us I felt really uncomfortable and unprotected. She took me to a very dark room, I couldn’t see anything the only thing I fell was her hand, but at some point I stop felling it and I started to freak out.
“Well, Well, Well I think we must destroy you again; you always appear and just to bother us!” Alice was the one who was talking, for the tone of her voice I knew that this will be really painful the only thing I could think about was Jackson and what he said about he never get in time to rescue me that was really disturbing, I wasn’t ready to die what will happened with mom she was in Santiago and I was in Viña.
“Ok let’s do it quickly because I don’t want to loose a thing of this awesome party!” Ever interrupt my thoughts and she was bored, she wanted to kill me right now.
“But killing she is the best part!!” Rosalie wanted to kill me slowly and painfully, so in summary they were going to kill me and I had no idea why, awesome! ¬¬
“No Jackson is about to return and he must not know that we are the ones that kill her” Alice was the worst one it was like she was the leader and she wanted to do it quickly.
“Ok but her blood is mine! HA!” That scares me a lot, they weren’t just killing me, noo they will kill me and drink all my blood, what in earth I did so they hate me that much!
I start felling hits everywhere, at one point I felt and hear how my leg broke I fell down and I wanted them to kill me quickly, all I could think was how much I love Jackson and that this was really painful, at that moment something hit my head and I felt the blood coming out of my head and I felt like someone who has been drinking all night, I think that at that point I fain because the last thing that I can remember it Jackson screaming.
When I woke up I was in a white room that smells weird, there were some pictures and a light that was bothering me a lot, there was a table with a bag full of lollies, Isa put it there I was sure, I wanted to stand up and turn of the light it was bothering me a lot, but something push me into the bed, it was Jackson’s hand.
“Stay on the bed please. You have a broken leg and a contusion on your head you’ve loose a lot of blood, I arrive just in time when they were starting to drink your blood” Jackson was dying of the guilt “I shouldn’t have gone to the car it was obviously a tramp, and you are here because of my fault… I shouldn’t stay here I’m too dangerous to you and I don’t want you to suffer I love you too much too see you suffer….” He was really affected about this.
“Jackson shut up! Yes you are right I’m here ALIVE because of you. And I will never let you go don’t you understand that I love you? It’s that so difficult to understand for you? And for avoid any other “dangerous” problem you will convert my into a vampire so I can be immortal and you will never lose me again okay?” He looked at me and smiles, how I love when he smile it makes me smile I kiss him and we stay in silence a long time. I felt sleep again but even I almost die that night it was the best Halloween of my life.

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PostSubject: Re: I'll never let you go   I'll never let you go EmptyThu Nov 18, 2010 6:41 pm

WOW i really like this one... Wolf Smile

I'll never let you go Tatiis10
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I'll never let you go
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