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SO, i was happily surfing through youtube when i fount this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xjJyA_v7bs&feature=related


I always get in white at this part, but you can imagine ive left my tablet wet with tears while drawing this. But i had to draw it.

I can understand zoos, and all that, even furfarms! i swear. But this. God im crying again and its not a joke. I cant stand it.
For fun, just to make people laugh. Thats what those lions are born for? to live defeated. humiliated. abused.


I know there are cases in wich trainer and animal have a very strong bond and all that, but sadly they are the minority. 

The lyrics you can see there are from "Going Under" , Evanescence. for casualty i was listening to this song when i found the vid.

** For those who ask, yes you are allowed to post/reblow anywhere you wish as long as you give me credit. ~
EDIT: ~LjubaM just showed me this video that has a very similar concept and its very touching, go see it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFhYcmsHYdo

-- I had thought for a good description to write down here, but... im in white now 

Oh well, you can more less tell what this is about.... Oh, this is also my first picture with PhotoshopCS6, seems to work alright by now.

All  and comments are very appreciated.


"Money makes the world go round" yeah, it should be "Money makes the world dead" as industries still make what is cheaper than what is right. They remove filters on chimneys at night so that the toxic black smoke wont get noticed. They throw chemical compounds to rivers, lakes and seas. They buy illegal wood from tropical forests. 
They do, but most people prefer to close their eyes, their heart, for money.

As a 15 year old artist this is as much as i can do, that and recicle, but if all people did a little, just a little,
Money makes the world go Dead
Pic for the HorseArt-rpg at DeviantART
I like the result!

psst, the dog there is my dog in real life, Jake <3
~* Where the Werewolf Hides *~
Alright. Callen is MINE. His story and his friends and enemies are MINE. SO BUGGARD OFF. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Now that that's out of the way, I want to say something...

I spent HOURS and HOURS on this. It killed my wrist. THEN I typed the story quickly, so it's not the best quality. But.... What do you think of him? I like this style... It's... it's me. Sort of. 

This has to be one of THE BEST things I've ever drawn.
Butt Whipping
My best drawing up to now!!
Star Tales
So, this is my first FANART! wow.
This one is from Spirited Away, such a weird movie XD
~*Keep Holding On*~
I think i finally found my style ! :D
Calm Night
Yes, it seems TatiiArt has already died *shrug* 
I really dont have much time to make it run :s and i dont know if its really worth it.
After 4 months of laziness im finally done lol

Hope you like
Animal I've Become
If he -Lithuania- was in an RPG he would be an archer
A side view that came out somewhat decent?!
Revamp of my very first drawing.
Midnight Watch -Revamp-
:D old project i found some days ago and decided to finish it. I love how this came out <3 

Made with PS5 Extended
Commission for ChiliDC in DeviantArt ^^ im really proud of the background here :D
DA ChiliDC Commission
Made with my old Tablet on Photoshop.
Wheres My Angel
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