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PostSubject: ABOUT   ABOUT EmptySun Jan 09, 2011 1:14 pm

Im going to write here what the comic is ABOUT. I dont speack english very well so dont hesitate to correct my faults :3

The comic starts when the unnamed creatures (Wolves hate them so much that they didnt even had a name LOL ) that where suposly extincted, reapear and attac them. The Winged Wolves could have beaten them easily, but then, the first time in all theyr long lives, they tasted what weakness is.
Zaphirah, exhausted, looks horryfied how her whole family dies. Weakened, she stumbles and falls into a big crack.

Days later she weakes up, feeling exhausted. She had never felt that way before, only normal wolves feel pain and wearyness, because the Winged Wolves power came from a stone, the Stone of Souls.

Looking up she cant see the end of the crack she had fallen. At least a thread of water where she can drink. Finally she decided to follow the water course....

. .......

The winged wolf are now just a legend for everybody, just a tale for kids.
The legend says that that wolves where normal wolves that donated their souls in change for a big power. It was a desesparated way of scape to survive to the no named creatures. All the souls where collected and gathered together into the heart of a stone, the center of the power of the winged wolves. With their help, the wolves won the batle, killed all the creatures, and peace reign again.
The years passed, and the normal wolves began to dislike the presence of the winged wolves, so one night they just vanished. Nobody saw them again, and the legend says that the Souls Stone, vanished that day too, finaly consumed the wolves´s souls with them too.

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